Hey, I'm Tad.
Baguio, Louisian.
Crazy life. Occasional poet, bassist, student,
blogger, delinquent fool,
& definitely fun.

The Sky
& Stars

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More pictures here

Only the lonely and the loved are awake at this hour.


(via 500px / Reindeer in landscape by Jan-Rune Samuelsen)


(via 500px / Reindeer in landscape by Jan-Rune Samuelsen)


Morning sunrays (by Frame_finder)


Dark & Done by Adam Marshall
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I miss you.

I miss you like the shore’d
miss the tides at night.
When seas are low,
and my sand goes dry.

I miss you like a wolf’d
miss the moon in day.
I wouldn’t howl,
I’d be silent all the way.

I miss you like my mug’d
miss coffee.
It’d be dull, useless,
and surely unhappy.

I miss you like a vine’d
miss it’s tree.
It has nothing to cling on to,
it has nothing to hold, but itself.
But me.

If My Life Were a Day.

If my life were a day,
I’d spend it with you.
I’d make the most of it,
only with us two.

I wouldn’t waste a waking moment,
to see that smile of yours.
Then, I’d never let you go,
I’d make you feel that I’m truly yours.

If my life were a day,
after all the fun.
We’d lay together,
and I’d keep you in my arms.

If my life were a day,
and I’d be gone.
You’d be the last person,
to see me look at my last sun.

As I wait for sleep,
doubting it would come.
I think about you,
and the things that I have done.

The mistakes, the mishaps,
they’re all related, as if they’re one.
Finding repetition, as the past
repeats itself, as if it had never gone.

Yet that’s what’s funny about the past,
it repeats itself.

Shall I get used to your silence.

Or shall you speak in my presence?

I love you ♥

Thanks to you I’m happier
than I ever thought I could be.
Thanks to you, I feel loved,
I feel important, I feel that it’s okay to be me.

Yet, I still have a million more things to thank you for,
I’m simply gonna say;
Thank you Regina, I love you with all of my heart ♥
with all of my soul ♥ and
I’m deeply, truly, and madly in love with you ♥
and it’ll be that way, for the rest of our lives ♥

I could use a couple of shots.
To cleanse my innards.

I write about fiction,
about fantasy,
about you and me,
about things that
used to be.

Things that were real,
were sensible, true,
and as solid as steel.

But reality is just a dream,
a dream that could fade,
a dream that could be broken,
that could change.

That’s what happened,

You are just a vision,
a dream, of something
that used to be reality.

You are fathomed by
consciousness, and
exist only in dreams.

You used to be tangible,
you used to exist,
and you used to be mine…