Hey, I'm Tad. 16, November 16 '97
La Union, Louisian.
Crazy life. Occasional poet, bassist, student,
blogger, delinquent fool,
& definitely fun.

The Sky
& Stars

The sun shines for you.
That, it will forever do.
That, will always be true.
And it only does that,
for you.

One Night Stand

With your body against mine,
I feel the heat, I feel the pressure.
Naked in that bed, both of us,
needing for that taste of pleasure.

You were as wild as a tiger,
as your nails dug into my back.
And you were moaning like one,
as I was fulfilling your lustful desire.

You cried “don’t stop! don’t stop!”,
even when I had no intention to.
It was so intense, the biting, the kissing,
the way you’d cry when I pounded you.

I’d never forget about that night,
as we came at the exact same moment.
Yet what made it unforgettable,
was when you told me, you wanted more.

You Are My Everything

They say that there’re
plenty of fish in the sea,
but you are my ocean,
without you, there is no sea.

You see, you are my world,
you are the stars, the clouds,
my sun, the moon, you are
everything above me.

You are my home,
you are my walls.
You are my warmth,
you are my storm.

You are the personification
of beauty itself. A living
Aphrodite, and that’s not
everything. The list goes on.

Simply, without you,
I am nothing.

I am your instrument,
you play my strings.
Making the most
amazing pieces.

And without you,
I become useless.


Teen quotes


Teen quotes

I was her world. I was.

Beauty they say,
belongs to the eye
of the beholder.
As to love,
is only in the heart
of a lover.

Yet why should I find beauty,
when all there is to see.
Is a hollow shell of meat…

Why should I find beauty
in someone like you?
Someone, like me…

Poetry like love,
comes at a price.
Yet they use the
same currency.

That my friends,
is pain.

In the dark of night,
I find my peace.
With no people in sight,
my mind is at ease.

Darkness is my friend,
and dusk is my home.
I grew in it, and it’s
the only thing I know.

Some people ask,
how do I tolerate
such a thing.

I tell them
I don’t know,
it’s “just my thing”.

To lessen my time
is the idea.
To burn my lungs
is the method.

To kill my demons
is the goal.
To chug down whiskey,
to cleanse the soul.

I know that I am foul,
I know that I have sinned.
Although I can’t help it,
I can’t let go of this bottle of gin.

My ways may be controversial,
but we’re humans, we sin, we smoke,
we cut, we fuck, we drink, we kill,
simply, we can do as we will.

Yet all things are temporary,
and one of those things,
is me.

My writing is fictitious,
yet it somehow
comes from within.

I write about pain,
but believe me,
I’m okay.

Strange, huh?

It’s late at night,
and I’m awake.
Sleep ain’t in sight,
and I still feel pain.

Yet it’s been months,
almost a year since.
Neither therapy, nor meds
could stop my wince.

At this juncture,
it’s useless to try.
Because I’ll carry this pain,
'til the day I die.

Until then, I’ll be
killing my demons.
With a bottle of
rum, gin or rye.

Another shot of tequila,
chug another mug of beer.
Burning lungs, smoke a pipe,
a couple shots of vodka.

I’m so high on the hype,
bitch don’t kill my vibe.
I don’t want to end this,
not until I get so drunk, I drop.

Not until you’re getting down,
in my room, not until we fuck.