Hey, I'm Tad. 16, November 16, La Union, Louisian.
Crazy life. Occasional poet, bassist, student,
blogger, delinquent fool,
& definitely fun.

OMG! :O Hahahaha  Thank you Chen! :)))

OMG! :O Hahahaha  Thank you Chen! :)))

To much cheesiness will kill u. -eyebagsandhair


It probably will, but nah, cheesy is my forte! hahaha :))

If I died tomorrow…

would you regret anything?



I gave you six months but you wanted me forever. You wanted to have me, but I was chained to someone else. I was trapped, I was imprisoned, yet you fell in love with who I am, I loved you back for that, but it was a love that wasn’t meant to last.

You made me happy, while I was chained, you made me smile whilst I was in the rain. It was toxic, and I loved your kind of poisoned, yet in the end. I was still tied, and I needed to make that God damned decision.

So I left, I treated you like you were no good to me. Like you didn’t matter, thinking that you never really loved me. I lied to myself, I lied for such a long time. Each and every day, I said to myself, that you were never really worthwhile. Yes, I was a douche, I always was. Yet, I didn’t really get why you fell in love. Was it the words that I said, or I guess it was the way I looked. You told me that you fell in love with me, because I was dreamy, like a guy in some book.

Although I guess, you’re the one that got away. You were poison to me, but I loved the way you kill me. I want you back, I want you to be the one to finish me. Though, now is a time that is too late for that, so I’ll take this gun, and just put the bullet through my head.

Goodbye my long lost love.

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Speech is SENSELESS without thought, and thoughts are VOICELESS without speech.

It’s arguable tho.

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My secret on how I “Live Life”

Based from the title, you could expect that this post would be possibly about 5 pages long or something like that. Yep, and it’s because you have to admit that "life" ain’t an easy thing to understand. Hell, even I couldn’t understand it fully! But that’s the beauty in life, you can’t understand it. How? Well, I could describe it in a thousand ways, I could talk about it for hours, and if I did, it wouldn’t possibly fit into this single post. So let me cut it short.

For me, life is beautiful because it is the only thing that is truly yours.

Life is your own empty jar, that’s given to you for as long as you could remember. It’s jar that’s meant to be filled to the brim! and it’s YOUR decision to either fill that jar with shit, with memories, good or bad, with happiness, with hope, with rocks or whatever damn thing you could put in it! Yep, life isn’t easy to understand. IT’S HARDER THAN MOTHERFUCKING CALCULUS (or something)! But that’s the beauty of life, YOU DON’T NEED TO UNDERSTAND IT. You don’t need to always be “okay”, or always be “fine”, or hell you don’t always need to be happy. Shit’s a part of life, being sad is, that’s a given, but the variable is how to react to that shit, and that’s up to YOU.

You see, this post may not make any solid sense, it may not be focused on one single aspect, and you could say that that’s also what life is. It’s made up of so many tiny specks, or giant chunks that you could only look at it from afar. Life is too big to grasp in one single hand. Life is too short to experience all of what it has to offer. But in the end, “life” is simply what you make of it. It’s what YOU choose to do with it. It’s what YOU choose to experience, and it’s what YOU let it become.

The important things in life tho, is that; 1.) you should be HAPPY. It’s okay not to, but make that your struggle. For you should bring happiness to yourself before you could make the people around you happy. Just like the fact that you should learn how to love yourself first, before you love someone else.

2.) Don’t run away from shit, handle your problems. It’s okay to ask help from other people, but you should never run away from your problems.

3.) Experience what life has to offer. No matter how dumb, or stupid, or crazy that “experience” or “opportunity” may be, as long as it does you good and it does others good. FUCKING GRAB IT! 

4.) Remember that “life” has no instructions, it has no rules on how to live it. You choose what you want to do, and you make your own choices, and it is definitely OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES. I do, I always, but that’s how I learn, and I guess that’s why people say that I’m interesting. Bad decisions are often good stories haha!

5.) Keep the people that truly need you, for they are the ones who you need, and this is inclusive of your family (no matter how shitty they may seem).

6.) Last but not the least. DON’T BREAK THE LAW and STRIVE TO BE A GOOD PERSON.

So, I guess that’s it. The simplest guide I could make, on how I “Live Life”.

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An Afternoon at the Park (Chapter 1)

It was the end of November then. I knew that winter was dawning, since each and every one of the maple trees along the park’s drive had shed their leaves in preparation for the blankets of snow that shall come when the seasons change.

It was a cold afternoon on the 18th, I was taking the usual stroll along the park, that I’d usually do whenever I’d have time in the afternoon. Nights got longer as the days passed and the sun was already setting yet it was still a quarter past 4 in the afternoon. It had already started to snow, and I had my hand inside my jacket, and a cup of coffee in the other. There was always this bench that served as my special place in the park. I rarely see anybody else sit there mainly because you had to take a long walk before you’d reach that spot, but it’s view on the lake was worth it, and it was pretty much silent, the only noises that you’d usually hear would be the noise of the winds howling through the trees or the sounds of animals that lived in and around the park.

As the bench came into my line of sight, I noticed that there was a lady that was seated on that bench, and as I got closer, some features became more evident, she was kinda curled up, dark brown hair, wearing a denim jacket and a white winter cap. As I approached to take a seat, she glanced at me, and I got to see the emotion on her face. She was sad, I knew by the look that she had in those hazelnut eyes of hers that she had been crying. We had a few moments of dead air, the silence that served as a space between us somehow made the air heavy. So I mustered enough courage, and I broke the silence. I think she was reluctant that I did. We spent those next two hours talking to each other, and it was almost past 7 on my watch. It was getting a whole lot chilly, so to stay warm, we jokingly agreed to “stick together for warmth” so we hugged while we were walking to my place to get some warm cocoa or coffee, or something.

Her name was Mary, we were about the same age, I remember that we used to live in the same neighborhood, before we both moved into the city and found separate places to stay. My place was about several blocks away from hers, but a couple of blocks away from the park, so we agreed that she’d stay at my den for the night. I remembered her as this cute girl I had a crush on when I was in 2nd grade, but we never talked, we would occasionally smile at each other whenever we’d lock eyes, but that’s just that. I was also right about her crying, she said that she and her boyfriend would supposedly meet, but he never came. At the time that I arrived, she said, she’d already waited there for him, for 3 hours. I asked her why didn’t she leave when it was already 2 hours later than the time they’ve agreed upon. She told me that she hoped that someone would come for her, and something good would happen, and that it didn’t need to be her boyfriend. “Are you glad that it was me?” I asked her, “I sure am” she replied with a smile.

It was about time that we’ve arrived at my place…

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The Last 100 Days.

What if you met the person of your dreams, and everything in your life’s already seemingly perfect, then you suddenly get to know that you only have 100 days left to live. What would you do then?

"The Last 100 Days" would be a novel-ish like story that I’ve been, and I’m gonna work on for the rest of the summer. That’s all that I’m gonna say for now, and it’d be posted in a chapter by chapter kinda basis.

You could follow it under the tag #last100days

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I guess I’m gonna publish the notes that I have on my desktop…

If there’s anyone who wants me to write a story/poem about anything. Please message me!

I need some freaking inspiration!

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Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

Each cut that I cast on my arm represents something.

One of those cuts was for you.

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I am worthless without you.